About the Blue Door Program

The Blue Door is a St. John’s based program that is operated through Thrive. Blue Door is designed to support individuals, primarily between the ages of 14-29, who have experiences in the sex trade, including sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, and are looking for support.

The program is inclusive of all genders & sexual orientations.

Presently Blue Door consists of 2 support coordinators, who provide one on one support to 24 individuals, along with as-needed support for former participants.

The Blue Door Program works with many youth and adults who identify as having been exploited, trafficked or who are/were engaged in survival sex. Our aim is to support participants in whatever ways they would like to be supported and ultimately through their self-led journey away from exploitive situations. Experiential people report that it is very difficult to exit the sex trade without intense supports and research supports these local stories.

What support does the Blue Door offer?

The Blue Door offers individualized supports that look different for each participant, but are always centred on relationship building and grounded in a harm reductive and trauma informed approach. Staff come with an understanding of the complexity of sexual exploitation, the impacts of trauma, key barriers to the exiting process, and they help participants move forward with respect and self-determination.

  • Each person is matched to a staff person who will provide daily/weekly support to participants in order to achieve their individual support goals. Supports can include crisis intervention, safety planning, application assistance, appointment accompaniment, court assistance, support to access food, clothing, hygiene items, or household items, technology assistance;
  • Referrals and connections to other supports including education, employment, housing and treatment programs;
  • Individual counselling;
  • Therapeutic groups;
  • Recreation & social activities;
  • Access to harm reduction health care services.

Each person can choose the level of support they want to receive, there are no requirements to participate in any specific program offerings, other than working in partnership with a Blue Door staff person.

How long can a person receive support?

Participants can be part of the program as long as is needed, and program staff continue to provide as-needed support and ongoing connection even after they do leave.

Referring to the Blue Door Program

The Blue Door Program welcomes and is inclusive of anyone in the metro St. John’s area who is or was involved in the sex trade and is looking for a high level of support.

While we primarily serve people between 14 and 29 years old, we will also accept referrals from people outside of this age range.

Anyone can refer to the program and self referrals are also welcome. We do ask that the person who is being referred is aware and consents to have the referral made.

Referral Form

What happens once a referral is made?

A staff person will follow up with the referral source and provide information regarding any wait times for acceptance into the program, gather any additional information if needed, and answer any questions.

You can expect a follow up within two weeks of a referral being submitted.

Want more information?


Kerri Rowe 754-0536 ext. 209 or email krowe@thrivecyn.ca

Laurie Anderson 754 – 0536 ext. 209 or email landerson@thrivecyn.ca