About Us


Meeting youth where they are, helping youth go where they want to go, and supporting youth to be who they want to be.


To assist youth, primarily 12-18 years of age, achieve their full potential and enhance the capacity of youth serving agencies.

Guiding Principles

  • All individuals deserve equal opportunity
  • All youth services must be youth friendly and non-discriminatory regarding gender, religion, culture, race, sexual orientation, etc.
  • All services must be located in safe accessible environments
  • Focus on the assets of youth
  • To provide support to youth serving agencies
  • Positive focus and energy

Our History

Thrive CYN, St. John’s, is an umbrella organization that works with the community to:

  • address gaps in services;
  • build community partnerships;
  • increase awareness of existing programs and services; and
  • conduct outreach to our most marginalized youth.

Thrive was established in 2001 and is part of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Community Youth Networks (CYNs). The CYNs were established to provide services and support to resilient youth 12 – 18 years of age who live in poverty and have limited access to mainstream programs and services.

Thrive is seen as a leading youth serving organization within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Since its inception, this organization has created some of our provinces most innovative services which has resulted in our organization:

  • receiving a National Humanitarian Award from the Canadian Red Cross June 2007;
  • being selected to host the former Governor General Michaelle Jean when she visited our province in 2010;
  • being entrusted by our provincial government to lead the first provincial research study on youth sexual exploitation in August 2010;
  • being selected by Rogers Communication as the first local independent partner and recipient for the Rogers Youth Fund June 2011; and
  • being celebrated by community and government services for increasing the capacity of youth services through embracing partnership development and collaborative approaches.

Our current programs and services were developed in collaboration with community to address key gaps in services and include the following:

Creating Awareness and Opportunities for Collaboration

Thrive hosts monthly Lunch & Learn sessions and networking opportunities for services providers to meet and share information. Annual Professional development workshops are coordinated to support the growth and development of front line youth services providers. A monthly newsletter and e-mail distribution list also facilitates opportunities to share information and create awareness of programs and services available for youth and their families.

Educational Initiatives

Thrive is a leader in the area of community education and alternative learning. Thrive currently coordinates a continuum of educational programming for youth 16 – 29 year of age. Our Educational Services focuses on foundational literacy & numeracy; GED preparation, and High school credits. We are also a GED testing site.

Outreach Services

Thrive coordinates Street Reach, a street-based outreach service. Street Reach works with over 40 volunteers and community partners to offer outreach directly on the streets of downtown St. John’s, and provides a mechanism to facilitate connections between individuals supported through Street Reach and offers intensive supports to individuals experiencing housing instability.

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation

Thrive is the sponsoring agency for CASEY, a coalition working together to address issues related to the sexual exploitation of youth. CASEY specifically focuses on creating awareness of sexual exploitation, coordinating professional development opportunities, advocating for the creation of programming and supportive services, and ensuring a coordinated approach to addressing this issue is embraced.

Velocity Adventure

Velocity targets at-risk youth, ages 12-17, who do not have access to positive social and recreational outlets. Velocity aims to connect youth with meaningful and diverse experiences through adventure pursuits, teambuilding activities, individualized support, and social involvement to help reduce risk factors in youth.

Youth Development

Thrive promotes youth development and civic engagement through leadership programs, specialized training and participation in community events.

Blue Door Program

The Blue Door is a new St. John’s based program that is operated through Thrive. This program supports individuals, primarily between the ages of 14-29, to exit sex trade activities, and/or sexually exploitive situtions including sex trafficking. The program is inclusive of all gender expressions & sexual orientations.