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Originally inspired by John McKnight’s Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets (1993), the Directory of Services is currently updated annually and available both online and in pdf format.


This Directory will provide a listing of organizations and services, primarily in the St. John’s Metro area. This Directory is not provincial in scope, although some organizations do have provincial mandates. Thrive recognizes that trying to find information or navigate services can be difficult, therefore we hope this directory provides ease of access to information to help make this process easier.  

The Directory is broken down into the following sections; 


  • Childcare – All Child-care related supports and programming, such as registered childcare centres etc.
  • Community ActivitiesRecreational programs involving the arts, athletics, and general social events.
  • EducationEducational programs and support including child care facilities, tutoring, libraries, etc.
  • Employment Supports All types of employment support and skills development programming.
  • HealthAll health-related supports and programming, including mental health, addictions, nutrition and poverty initiatives, and advocacy and support groups.
  • HousingShelters, housing options, and other related supports.
  • Indigenous Supports within the Indigenous Communities providing information and resources etc.
  • JusticeAll justice-related supports and programming including crime prevention and reduction, legal aid, victim supports, courts, advocacy, etc.


To download a hard copy version of the Directory of Services please click on the link below:

2021 Thrive Directory of Services 

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