Educational Initiatives

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Who We Are

The Educational Initiatives are programs that focus on every young person’s potential to learn and be successful. Our educational programming is intended for youth who have found that the “regular” school system was not for them, whether because of differences in learning, social challenges, or other factors.

All programs focus on the strengths of young people, and the belief that through education, opportunities are created for youth and their families. These youth centered programs have been developed and informed through the thoughtful input of the many youth who learn with us.

Who We Serve

The Educational Initiatives help youth 12 to 24 who are struggling with staying in school or who have left school already.
We have 3 programs:

Youth at Promise

Young people 16 and over who have not completed high school are welcome at YAP. If you found that school was not the place for you, or maybe you are overcoming challenges with housing, addiction or mental health. Maybe you find that you are not able to read or do math well enough to hold a job or try other school options….YAP is the program for you!

Springboard GED

Youth 18 and over who have not finished high school are the learners in this program. If you are able to attend classes several times a week for a few hours, and have attended school up to grade 8, this is the program for you.

How to Refer

Referrals are accepted for all programs throughout the academic year. We like to meet all young people who are interested in learning with us at Thrive. Please find below the times that we usually meet with youth.

  • Youth at Promise:  Rolling intake September through May. We meet with youth as space is available.
  • Springboard GED:  Rolling intake September through May. We meet with youth as space is available.

Referral Form THRIVE

To refer a youth to any of the educational programs, please contact:

Ellie Jones
Director of Programming
754-0536 ext. 210

How to Volunteer

The Educational Initiatives have many opportunities for volunteers. From assisting in fundraising, increasing awareness of education issues to in-class tutoring.

To be matched with an opportunity please complete the Online Volunteer Application.

Alternatively, you can contact Kristi Lavallee at or 754-0536 ext. 214 for more information, or see the Volunteer Section of this website for current opportunities.

How to Contact Us

Director of Programming

Ellie Jones: or 754-0536 ext. 210

Learning Initiatives

Learning Facilitators:

Shelby Arnold: or 754-0536 ext. 205

Veronica Hounsell:  vhounsell@thrivecyn.caor 754-0536 ext. 206