The Community Youth Network was established in 2000 by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, through the National Child Benefit Reinvestment Fund. The network provides community-based facilities for youth aged 12 to 18 years, in addition to offering programs and services to other ages from 5 to 29 years. There are currently 24 hub sites with an additional 12 satellites throughout the province, all with the capacity to serve several other communities within their respective catchment areas.

This initiative aims to provide services and support along four business lines:  learning, employment, community building and support services. Services and support are provided in youth-friendly settings that combine many positive strategies to encourage youth participation and learning. Programs involve intensive one-on-one support and skill development; and group social, academic, recreational, and leadership approaches to enhance the lines of business. Community Youth Networks are are designed to build partnerships and support young people; especially youth who require increased assistance to achieve success in life.

Avalon Peninsula Region:


807 Water Street
PO Box 26067
St. John’s, NL
A1E 0A5
Contact: Angela Crockwell
Tel: 709-754-0536


14 Atlantic Avenue
PO Box 587
Placentia, NL  A0B 2Y0
Contact: Jennifer Bennett
Tel: 709-227-2050
Email: CYN Placentia

The SPLASH Centre

30A Cathedral Street
PO Box 659
Harbour Grace, NL
A0A 2M0
Contact: Maggie Snow
Tel: 709-596-2400
Email: The SPLASH Centre

Southern Avalon CYN

c/o Town of Cape Broyle
PO Box 69
Lower Road, Cape Broyle NL
A0A 1P0
Contact: Robert Moran
Tel: 709-728-1032
Email: Southern Avalon CYN

Burin Peninsula Region

Grand Bank

PO Box 1019
Grand Bank, NL
A0E 1W0
Contact: Debbie Forsey
Tel: 709-832-2692
Email: CYN – Grand Bank

St. Lawrence

2 Mannix Causeway
PO Box 338
St. Lawrence, NL
A0E 2V0
Contact: Paulette Isaacs
Tel: 709-873-3434
Email: CYN – St. Lawrence

Clarenville – Bonavista Region


24-28 Church Street
PO Box 1638
Bonavista, NL
A0C 1B0
Contact: Pam Stevens
Tel: 709-468-2200
Email: CYN – Bonavista

Youth Tube

8E Thompson Place
Clarenville, NL
A5A 1Y9
Contact: Roxana Green
Tel: 709-466-7711
Email: Youth Tube

Gander – New-Wes-Valley Region


66 Elizabeth Drive
Gander, NL
A1V 1J8
Contact: Courtney Stoyles
Tel: 709-651-3888
Email: Open_Door_CYN

Isles of Notre Dame

General Delivery
1 Main Street
Summerford, NL
A0G 4E0
Contact: Sharon Reid
Tel: 709-629-3220
Email: CYN – Isles of Notre Dame

Grand Falls-Windsor – Baie Verte – Harbour Breton Region

Baie Verte

c/o Advocate Youth Services Co-operative
115 Hwy 410
P. O. Box 442
Baie Verte, NL A0K 1B0
Contact: Jocelyn Anstey
Tel: 709-532-2244
Email: CYN – Baie Verte


c/o Botwood Boys and Girls Club
3 Military Road
PO Box 1049,
Botwood, NL
A0H 1E0
Contact: Colleen Hayter
Tel: 709-257-3191
Email: CYN – Botwood

Grand Falls-Windsor

Youth 2000 Centre
34 Bond Street
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL A2B 1J4
Contact: Terrilynn Barry
Tel: 709-489-7601 or 709-486-8001
Email: CYN – Grand Falls Windsor

Harbour Breton

24-26 Canada Drive
PO Box 358
Harbour Breton, NL
A0H 1P0
Contact: Marie Bungay
Tel: 709-885-3040
Email: Harbour Breton

IceCap Centre

83 Little Bay Road
PO Box 1727
Springdale, NL
A0J 1T0
Contact: Deidre Clarke
Tel: 709-673-3755
Email: IceCap Centre

St. Alban’s

10 Church Road
PO Box 347
St. Alban’s, NL
A0H 2E0
Contact: Lisa Willcott
Tel: 709-538-3114
Email: CYN – St. Alban’s

Western Region:

Corner Brook / Bay of Islands

2 Herald Avenue
PO Box 20054, RPO Millbrook Mall
Corner Brook, NL  A2H 7J5
Contact: – Serina Mckinnon
Tel: 709-639-1720
Email: CYN – Corner Brook and Bay of Islands

Southwestern (Main)

31-37 Gallant Street
PO Box 421
Stephenville, NL
A2N 2Z5
Contact: Bernice Hancock
Tel: 709-643-5399
Email: CYN_Stephenville

Bay St. George South (Satellite)

615 Main Road, McKays
PO Box 421
Stephenville, NL A2N 2Z5
Contact: Velvet Madore
Tel: 709-645-2330
Email: Bay St. George

Burgeo and Area (Satellite)

1 Main Street
PO Box 421
Stephenville, NL A2N 2Z5
Contact: Valene Roach
Tel: 709-640-2863
Email: CYN – Burgeo and Area

Port aux Port Peninsula (Satellite)

97 Main Road
PO Box 421
Stephenville, NL A2N 2Z5
Contact: Mary Barter
Tel: 709-642-5519
Email: CYN – Port aux Port Peninsula

Stephenville & Area (Satellite)

1 Bruce Boulevard
PO Box 421
Stephenville, NL A2N 2Z5
Contact: Vanessa Lee
Tel: 709-643-9672
Email: CYN – Stephenville

Rec House CYN – Port Aux Basques

5 Oceanview Lane
PO Box 626
Port Aux Basques, NL
A0M 1C0
Contact: Danielle Neil
Tel: 709-695-6901
Email: Rec House CYN – Port Aux Basques

St. Anthony – Port Au Choix Region

Plum Point

1 Main Street
PO Box 120
Plum Point, NL
A0K 4A0
Contact: Nancy Baines Toope
Tel: 709-247-2005
Email: CYN – Plum Point

St. Anthony

c/o St. Anthony Boys and Girls Club
262 West Street
PO Box 816
St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0
Contact: Carmella Rose
Tel: 709-454-2582
Email: CYN – St. Anthony

Labrador Region:


21-23 Main Rd, Cartwright, NL
PO Box 219
Cartwright, NL A0P 4V0
Contact: Lorraine Matthews / Wendy Greenleaves
Tel: 709-938-7566  or 709-938-7373 Email: CYN – Cartwright or

Happy Valley Goose Bay

49 Grenfell Street
PO Box 767, Stn. B
Happy Valley Goose Bay, NL A0P 1E0
Contact: Alicia Neville / Denise Cole
Tel: 709-896-8302 ext. 224 Email: CYN – Happy Valley Goose Bay


3 Airstrip Rd.
PO Box 190
Hopedale, NL A0P 1G0
Contact: Donna Flowers
Tel: 709-933-3864 Email: CYN – Hopedale


PO Box 400
Nain, NL
A0P 1L0
Contact: Bradley Lampe
Tel: 709-922-2691
Email: CYN – Nain

Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation

PO Box 160
Sheshatshiu, NL
A0P 1M0
Contact: Ruben Pillay
Tel: 709-497-8242 Email: CYN – Sheshatshiu

Southern Labrador/ Strait of Belle Isle (Main)

71 Main Highway
PO Box 256
L’anse au Loup, NL  A0K 3L0
Contact: Lisa Davis-Ryland
Tel: 709-927-5151
Email: CYN – Southern Labrador

L’anse au Loup (Satellite)

11 Branch Rd.
PO Box 256
L’anse au Loup, NL  A0K 3L0
Contact: Laura Oates
Tel: 709-927-5335

Port Hope Simpson (Satellite)

General Delivery
75 Main Highway
Port Hope Simpson, NL  A0K 4E0
Contact: Gwenda Penney Tel: 709-960-0439

Flowers Cove (Satellite)

2 Main Highway
PO Box 256
Flower’s Cove, NL A0K 2N0
Contact: Vernice Rose
Tel: 709-456-2444

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