Who we are

Street Reach is a grassroots outreach service guided by the principle of harm reduction. It has two main components: Outreach and individual support. Some unique aspects of Street Reach include the support across 16 & over, our evening drop-in, and the outreach walks. Street Reach supports over 1500 participants annually who count on us for their basic needs, the sense of belonging in our space, and the real support they receive.

Currently Street Reach provides Outreach and Drop-In support in St John’s (16 & over).

What we provide

During drop-in times, individuals can either drop into 807 Water Street or connect with Street Reach volunteers walking in the downtown core to get assistance with:

  • Meals
  • Personal care items
  • Outdoor clothing/footwear
  • Telephone access
  • Condoms
  • Information
  • Supportive and caring interactions
  • Assistance with accessing emergency housing
  • Referrals to external services
  • We are a satellite site for SWAP and provide safe drug use equipment, information and support.
  • We are an official site providing Naloxone kits and training to individuals at risk of overdose.
  • Hair Cuts

Throughout the week Street Reach staff also provide drop-in support from our main office at 807 Water Street. From this location staff provide follow-up support to individuals with regards to issues such as housing, inter-agency advocacy, health, crisis management, etc. Individuals can also access SWAP and Naloxone at this location during office times.

How to refer

No referral is necessary, participants can freely take part in any or all outreach services. Word of mouth is a common way that participants hear about Street Reach.

Intensive Case Management

The Individual Support Coordinator at Street Reach provides intensive case management to participants who have challenges, are experiencing housing instability, and are not connected elsewhere for supports/services. Through crisis intervention, system navigation, advocacy, and one-on-one support the IS Coordinator is able to support their needs and strengthen their connections in the community.

Volunteers, Partners and Staff

Street Reach has approximately 40 trained volunteers that help operate the drop-in and outreach services and who are able to provide support and information to participants. In addition Street Reach has strong partnerships with community agencies, schools, church groups, government departments, and the general community all of whom help make Street Reach successful. The Street Reach program is presently supported by a team of four dynamic staff (see staff list below).

How to volunteer

Volunteer opportunities include those for Outreach volunteers and Prep volunteers. Calls for Outreach volunteers are advertised in the Spring and in the Fall and calls for Prep volunteers are as needed throughout the year.

You can contact Street Reach at 754-0536 ext. 203 for more information, or see the Volunteer Section of this website.


In 2019, St. John’s re-opened the conversation about panhandling and people who engage in non-traditional street-based industries. Concerns were raised about the number of people panhandling, the vitality of the downtown core, road safety, and for some, what the number of people panhandling means about the economic state of the city and province.

Thrive, and City Officials discussed the importance of approaching panhandling with a compassionate, trauma-informed, and harm-reduction perspective that would not further entrench poverty into the lives of people working in the panhandling industry. Together, the city of St. John’s and Thrive decided to create a community-based research initiative that engaged people who panhandle relevant stakeholders, and the community at large (including people who panhandle). The goal is to understand the needs of all people in the community as it relates to the non-traditional work of panhandling.

Please click the link below to learn more.

Panhandling Report

How to contact us

Director of Education & Outreach: Sean Reany or call 709-754-0536 ext. 210

Individual Support Coordinator:  Laura Moores or call 709-754-0536 ext. 204

Individual Support Coordinator:  Heather Hunt or call 709-754-0536 ext. 211

Individual Support Coordinator: Chantelle Weir or call 709-754-0536 ext. 213

Individual Support Coordinator: David Rypien or call 709-754-0536 ext. 207

Drop-In Support Coordinator: Yvonne McDermott or call 709-754-0536 ext. 215

Drop-In Support Coordinator: Stephanie Moores or call 709-754-0536 ext. 215

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