Thrive provides support and services to both resilient youth and young adults who live in poverty and have limited access to mainstream programs and services and youth service providers within the St. John’s Metro region.

Thrive’s innovative programs were developed in collaboration with community to address key gaps in services and include:

Community Support and Development

Thrive hosts Lunch and Learn sessions and networking opportunities for services providers to meet and share information. Professional development workshops are coordinated to support the growth and development of front line youth services providers. A newsletter / e-mail distribution list also facilitates opportunities to share information and create awareness of programs and services available for youth and their families. In addition, Thrive offers a Directory of Services.

Educational Initiatives

Thrive is a leader in the area of community education and alternative learning. Thrive currently coordinates the following educational initiatives: the Youth at Promise Program, which is a foundation literacy and numeracy program for youth 16 – 29 who have dropped out of school; the Springboard GED preparation program.

Street Reach

Thrive coordinates Street Reach, a street-based outreach service. Street Reach works with over 40 volunteers and community partners to offer outreach directly on the streets of downtown St. John’s, and provides a mechanism to facilitate connections between individuals supported through Street Reach and various programs and services.

Velocity Adventure

Velocity was first designed as a five year project funded by the National Crime Prevention Centre, which targets youth who at high risk for criminal involvement. Velocity continues today thanks to its various outfitters utilizing a combination of adventure pursuits, team building processes and individualized support to help reduce risk factors in the target population.

Youth Development

Youth Development is a broad area of programming at Thrive that encourages civic engagement, youth leadership, and skill development with our participants and in the broader community. Anyone who is attending programming at Thrive is eligible to be included in Youth Development programming, and depending on space opportunities may be available to the greater community. Youth Development often partners with other groups in order to hold events in the community

Coalition Against the Sexual Exploitation of Youth

Thrive is the sponsoring agency for CASEY, a coalition working together to address issues related to the sexual exploitation of youth. CASEY specifically focuses on creating awareness of sexual exploitation, coordinating professional development opportunities, advocating for the creation of programming and supportive services, and ensuring a coordinated approach to addressing this issue is embraced.

The Blue Door Program

The Blue Door is a new St. John’s based program that is operated through Thrive. This program is the first of its kind in NL and is designed to support individuals, primarily between the ages of 14-29, to exit sex trade activities, and/or sexually exploitive situtions including sex trafficking. The program is inclusive of gender & sexual orientation.


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