Who we are

Youth Development is a broad area of programming at Thrive that encourages civic engagement, youth leadership, and skill development with our participants and in the broader community. Anyone who is attending programming at Thrive is eligible to be included in Youth Development programming, and depending on space opportunities may be available to the greater community. Youth Development often partners with other groups in order to hold events in the community, such as a successful celebration of World Refugee Day with the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council (RIAC) in June 2016.

Who we serve

Youth Development serves all youth connected to Thrive, as well as youth in the greater community. Programming targets those who may be interested in becoming more involved in their community through leadership activities, as well as skill development. There are no fees and no experience is required.

How to Volunteer

Youth Development sometimes requires volunteers or facilitators to support skill days or leadership sessions. If you have experience with group facilitation, or are able to instruct skill days (such as first aid or other key skills), we’d like to hear from you! For more information see the Volunteer Section of this website.

How to Connect with Us

If you are a community group interested in a partnership with Thrive for a community event, or an individual/group able to provide instruction in activities like First Aid, please contact “unknown” or 754-0536.