We are thrilled to announce that TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has donated to contribute to support the building of sensory-friendly environments at Thrive. 
Thrive currently supports over 700 individuals annually. A significant number of our participants have a disability. Our vision for funding through this program is to re-design our common spaces and classrooms to accommodate individuals with sensory issues.
This program will provide youth 16 – 29 years who access Thrive programming, which includes youth who live in poverty, experience homelessness, have been sexually exploited, and/or did not obtain a high school graduation certificate, with a sensory-friendly environment. It is estimated that between 75- 90% of the youth Thrive supports identify as having a disability. This includes learning disability, mental health, physical, autistic or other forms of being neurodivergent.
We are excited to transform our shared spaces and classrooms into a more sensory-friendly environment at Thrive. Stay tuned to see the results!