Join us in raising much needed funds for Blue Door! 

Sign up to walk or Bike October 1st, 2022 in support of Blue Door and help us to continue to make a difference.

“As someone in Labrador it was a literal lifesaver when I found the organization and the help I received allowed me to get my life back. Having people who understood the effects of human trafficking and didn’t shame me for something I managed to escape allowed me to get the specialized help I needed when no other program or service in the province could”

“They’ve helped me tremendously. So many times, I needed help, even in times of danger, and they were there for me. I don’t think most people see what they do and the difference they make for people. You get trapped in this work and feel so hopeless. But you walk in the door there and right away you feel like someone really cares. They’ve had a big impact on my life in all positive ways.”

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