Thrive is delighted to announce the official launch of Notified – A Free self-paced virtual training about the online sexual exploitation of youth in Canada. Notified training is appropriate for youth connected online and for adults who live, work with, or care about youth who are connected online. The 10-module training will discuss vulnerabilities, signs, supportive disclosure, platforms popular with youth, and more. There is learning options. You can listen through audio-only, video presentations, or read through the modules. Folks can also engage with activities and short video animations throughout the modules. This training was developed with support from the Donner Canadian Foundation.

Notified – A self-paced virtual training about the online sexual exploitation of youth in Canada

Whether you’re a parent/guardian, community member, or a youth reading through this training, please know that you may see things in these modules that are overwhelming, challenging, and/or difficult to read. There may be information that you can connect with personally, that you already know or information that comes as a surprise. There may be some useful information for yourself, a loved one, or that you hold loosely to draw upon later. It may be helpful to look at the sexual exploitation of youth online from a bird’s eye view.

Take in as much as you want and feel you can handle. Feel free to do every module or pick through what information you need. However you work through this, know that you’re not alone. Module 10 gives a list of several excellent resources that will help you understand better and connect you with more information.


For these modules, we use the language of online groomers (or just groomers) and exploiters to describe those who exploit youth. Youth and young people refer to the population we are discussing (under 18 years old) throughout the training. 

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