As of May 3rd, 2024, the GED will no longer be available to write in Canada
All is not lost – although we don’t know the final details of the new program, the preparation you have done for your GED will still support your preparation for the new program. If now is not the time for you to work on your GED, that’s okay.
Anyone who has completed their exams by that date will still receive their GED certificate and is still considered to have their high school equivalency completed – your certificates are VALID. Anyone who has exams in progress (for example, 3 out of 5 exams completed) will NOT be able to carry their exams to the new program if they haven’t completed and passed the five tests by May 3rd, 2024. 
Canadian provinces are bringing in their own high school equivalency, which will take the place of the GED program.
If you have questions about your specific situation or the number of exams you’ve completed, please contact the Department of Education at (709)729-7919.
If you have questions about doing your exams on a computer, or you’d like to discuss your educational options, please get in touch with Nicole Boggan, Thrive’s Outreach Coordinator with the Educational Initiatives, at (709)754-0536 ext 214.