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108 LeMarchant Rd, PO Box 26067, St. John’s, NL A1E 0A5

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Thrive CYN
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Mandate: To assist youth, primarily 12-29 years, achieve their full potential and enhance the capacity of youth serving agencies.

Target Population: Resilient youth who live in poverty and have limited access to mainstream programs / services and service providers / agencies who work with youth.

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

Programs for Youth and Young Adults

  • Education Programs: Helps youth aged 16–29 who are struggling to stay in school, or have left.
    • Youth at Promise Young people 16 and over who have not completed high school are welcome at YAP.
    • Springboard GED preparation program for youth 18+ who have not completed high school education.
    • For a referral to the education programming, click here.
    • To refer a youth to any of the educational programs, please contact:
  • Street Reach: A barrier-free outreach service guided by the principles of harm reduction and community collaboration. Street Reach provides support to individuals of all ages (no referral required).
    • During drop-in times individuals can either drop into Gower Street United Church located at 99 Queen’s Road or connect with Street Reach volunteers walking in the downtown core to get assistance with:
      • Food
      • Personal care items
      • Outdoor clothing/footwear
      • Telephone access
      • Condoms
      • Information
      • Supportive and caring interactions
      • Assistance with accessing emergency housing
      • Referrals to external services
      • SWAP kits; and, providing safe drug use equipment, information and support.
      • Naloxone kits, and training, to individuals at risk of overdose.
  • Velocity Adventure: A mix of adventure pursuits, team building, and individualized support to assist youth aged 12–17 to build life skills, foster personal development, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.
    • There are no fees and no experience is required.
    • For a referral form, click here.
  • Blue Door: An “exiting” program for individuals primarily 14-29 years who are engaged in the sex trade, sexually exploited situations, including sex trafficking.
    • Supports range from education & employment, outreach, system navigation, counselling, and intensive individual supports. Program is inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations.
    • For a referral form, click here.

Programs for Service Providers

  • Community Support and Development: Offers services for professionals working with young people, and includes:
    • Thrive Talks – Networking and Professional Development Sessions,
    •  “What’s Up!” Newsletter
      • To sign up for the community newsletter, click here.
    •  Directory of Services for Youth
    • Community development and capacity building, and more.
    • For additional information on any of these initiatives, please contact Ange Crockwell  at or 754-0536 ext. 201
  • Coalition Against the Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CASEY): A coalition of community stakeholders working to address issues, and establish services and supports relating to the sexual exploitation of youth.
    • CASEY produced a 16 minute video that can be used for education, training and awareness. The video includes the voices of four NL Youth who have been sexually exploited and provides the viewer with information on what sexual exploitation is; who is at risk; the grooming and luring process; and warning signs.
    • The video comes with a discussion guide and is appropriate for youth (12 and over), parents, youth service workers, professionals and the general public.
    • To find out more about CASEY or to book a presentation or training session, please contact Melendy Muise at 754-0536 ext. 207 or

Parents and Caregivers

  • Looking for programs or services for a young person? Check out our online Directory of Services for Youth. If you can’t find what you need there, please call 754-0536 for assistance.


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