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Elaine Dobbin Centre of Autism, 70 Clinch Crescent, PO Box 14078, St. John’s, NL A1B 4G8

Twitter: @AutismSocietyNL     Toll-free: 1-866-722-2803     Tel: (709) 722-4926

Facebook: @AutismSocietyNL Email:    Fax: (709) 722-4926

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Mandate: Promoting the development of individual, lifelong, and community-based supports and services for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and caregivers. Their vision is a province where people with ASD and their families are valued and respected, and where they receive services and supports based on their individualized differences, needs and preferences.

Target Population: Individuals with ASD and their families.

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

  • Social & Leisure Opportunities: ASNL offers a number of programs that provide an opportunity to meet others, build friendships, and experience community and leisure activities in a group setting. These programs are available for children, youth, and adults.
  • Pre-Employment & Career Services: Programming options exist for career coaching and mentorship during high school, a full year of work skill enhancement through community volunteerism and work experience, and employment skill refinement through detailed self-awareness and career exploration. Individualized services are available for interview practice, resume building, and employment agency referrals. Career services also work with employers to build community understanding around ASD and inclusive hiring practices.
  • Community Inclusion: ASNL forms partnerships with a number of community organizations to support the inclusion of individuals on the spectrum in their programs. Community inclusion programs open up opportunities for individuals with ASD to participate in activities the y may perceive as having barriers. More importantly, these programs increase autism awareness throughout the community and promote inclusion and accessibility at all recreational facilities.

ASNL Outreach Services:

  • Adult Support Group: This is a meeting group for independent adults with ASD, providing the opportunity to meet new people, socialize with peers, and discuss challenges and successes with others on the spectrum.
  • Parent Support Groups: The Parent 2 Parent is a parent engagement initiative designed to connect parents and create an active network of families.
  • Barbara J. Hopkins Library: The Barbara J. Hopkins Library offers a wide variety of resources related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Extensive literature is available including curriculum, behavior strategies, research, diet, sensory processing, and co-occurring diagnoses, including materials published by authors with ASD.
  • Assistive Technology Consultation: These consultations can provide individualized instruction in the use of handheld devices to assist clients and families with communication, organization and socialization.
  • Classroom Awareness Presentations: ASNL staff provide fun and meaningful classroom or community group presentations about what it means for someone to have ASD and how that diagnosis can impact them as a student and as a friend
  • Professional Development & Training: Trained ASNL staff can support other professionals working with individuals on the spectrum through tailored sessions designed to meet the needs of a particular group.

Conferences & Workshops: ASNL offers several opportunities for professionals, families, and those with an interest in ASD to further their education and training through workshops and/or conferences presented by ASD professionals.

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