Spirit Horse NL – Stable Life 

Address: 640 Indian Meal Line, Portugal Cove, NL A1M 3E7

Tel: (709) 699-2704
Email: info@spirithorsenl.com
Website: www.spirithorsenl.com/
Twitter: @SpiritHorseNL
Instagram: @spirithorsenl
Facebook: @SpiritHorseNL 


To support people with mental illness through the provision of an Equine Assisted Program for the purpose of offering alternative ways of living a recovery-based life. The organization will support children, youth and adults the tools to learn coping skills for themselves.

Target Population:

Open to all people.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • This program is based on the participant and facilitator sharing experiences and exploring solutions with the horse as a mirror for self-reflection. The horse gives and receives energy from the client, giving healing energy and removing negative energy. 
  • Through being with and caring for this creature, clients will learn the power of themselves as a caring and needed individual. Clients will feel self-confident and empowered to achieve recovery 
  • The vision of the services is aimed at enhancing the mental health and life skills of youth, adults, families, and groups through therapeutic interaction with horses. 
  • Clients will gain a sense of meaning, purpose, self-worth and belonging through use of the horse.