Rainbow Riders – Therapeutic Riding Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. 

Address: 103 Mount Scio Rd., PO Box 23199, St. John’s NL, A1B 4J9 

Tel: (709) 738-1055
Email: rainbowridersnl@gmail.com 
Website: www.rainbowridersnl.com 
Facebook: @rainbowridersnl
Twitter: @rainbowridersnl
Instagram: @rainbowridersnl  


Rainbow Riders operates a therapeutic horseback riding program to help countless Newfoundland and Labrador children grow and develop despite physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. By uniting these children with an equine partner and a team of volunteers, Rainbow Riders provides the rider with one of the more progressive forms of therapy, improving the rider’s strength, circulation, muscle tone and sensory integration. 

Target Population:

People with disabilities age 3+.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • Rainbow Riders offers a horseback riding program for recreation, therapy and competition for people with disabilities. 
  • Through therapeutic riding, horses help physically and mentally challenged children achieve things that may seem impossible. They help an autistic child make connections and improve communication skills. They lend a child confined to a wheelchair legs to run through a field.
  • Therapeutic riding
    • Each therapeutic riding lesson is instructed by one of our CanTRA certified instructors, or an instructor candidate under the supervision of a certified instructor.
    • To participate in the riding program, each individual will need a physician referral form completed by their family doctor and a registration form completed by their parent, guardian, or themselves
  • Horse Discovery:
    • is an unmounted program which allows participants to interact with our therapy horses and learn about horse care
    • Participants can opt to register for our Horse Discovery program, before entering our Therapeutic Riding Program so that they can become comfortable around the horses.
  • School groups:
    • The participants ride in group lessons with up to four horse and rider combinations
    • If you think your school or classroom would benefit from partnering with Rainbow Riders, please email regrainbowridersnl@gmail.com
  • Hybrid groups
    • The Hybrid program is considered to be an inclusive program, but priority is given to currently enrolled students, as well as students who meet the eligibility criteria of our therapeutic riding program.
    • Operates during the summer months
  • Pony Pals: Pony Pals is an unmounted inclusive program designed for children between the ages of 5 and 8. Please note that pony pals is only offered seasonally so please follow our social media pages for updates on next sessions.
  • Competitive Team
    • These riders compete monthly in the Equestrian Canada Para Dressage Video Competition series.
  • Open trails
    • Facilitated Wellness is an unmounted program that provides an alternative approach to mental health services.
  • Stable connections :
    • is an unmounted social group for currently registered participants aged 16+. Stable Connections is held at the barn, but does not involve interactions with the horses.
  • Volunteer:

To learn more about volunteering with Rainbow Riders please click here

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