Happy City St. John’s  

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To inform, encourage, and facilitate public dialogue around civic issues in the city of St. John’s. To become a trusted and valued venue for citizens, advocacy groups, business associations, labor organizations, and municipal staff to come together.

Target Population:

All residents of the city of St. John’s. 

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

Most of the engagement work happens in two ways: 

  • Online: Happy City posts articles and ideas, looks for comments, and provides a space for citizens to work collaboratively to shape emerging ideas about the shape of St. John’s. 
  • In Person: Happy City organizes forums that bring citizens together to discuss civil duties. A talented facilitator runs these sessions as “open spaces” with the agenda set by the participants. 
  • Want to join a community of people working to make the city a better space? Happy City volunteersare organized into two teams: 
  • Issues Teams: Centered on the big issues that people have brought forward. Each issues team will include one member of the Board to keep the lines of communication clear. Some teams include:
    • The Built Environment: Urban planning and architecture. 
    • Democratic Process: Coordinate work to demystify the goings-on at city hall, keep an eye on engagement efforts, and get people out to public consultations. 
    • Transportation: Transit systems, bike infrastructure, roads, and trails. 
    • Community and Cultural Life: Organize and promote community-building and neighbourhood life. 
    • Healthy Cities: Looks at how we can build a community and an environment that supports health. 
    • Economy, Finance, and Affordability: Keeping our city’s economy ticking and its amenities accessible to people across the income spectrum. 
  • Planning Teams: Help the organization run more smoothly and guide the new Strategic
    • Strategic Planning Team 
    • Marketing and Membership Team 
    • Institutional Team 
    • Finance and Planning Revenue Team 

Want to join a community of people working to make the city a better place for all? Happy City St. John’s welcomes volunteers for their Board of Directors every October. Happy City St. John’s also occasionally seeks event and committee volunteers. If interested in getting involved, please join our mailing list at www.happycity.ca