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Mandate: To inform, encourage, and facilitate public dialogue around civic issues in the city of St. John’s. To become a trusted and valued venue for citizens, advocacy groups, business associations, labour organizations, and municipal staff to come together.

Target population: The people of St. John’s.

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

Most of the engagement work happens in two ways:

  • Online: Happy City posts articles and ideas, looks for comments, and provides a space for citizens to work collaboratively to shape emerging ideas about the shape of St. John’s.
  • In Person: Happy City organizes forums that bring citizens together to discuss civil issues. A talented facilitator runs these sessions as “open spaces” with the agenda set by the participants.
  • Want to join a community of people working to make the city a better space? Happy City volunteers are organized into two teams:
  • Issues Teams: Centered on the big issues that people have brought forward. Each issues team will include one member of the Board to keep the lines of communication clear. Some teams include:
    • The Built Environment: Urban planning and architecture.
    • Democratic Process: Coordinate work to demystify the goings-on at city hall, keep an eye on engagement efforts, and get people out to public consultations.
    • Transportation: Transit systems, bike infrastructure, roads, and trails.
    • Community and Cultural Life: Organize and promote community-building and neighbourhood life.
    • Healthy Cities: Looks at how we can build a community and an environment that supports health.
    • Economy, Finance, and Affordability: Keeping our city’s economy ticking and its amenities accessible to people across the income spectrum.
  • Planning Teams: Help the organization run more smoothly and guide the new Strategic
    • Strategic Planning Team
    • Marketing and Membership Team
    • Institutional Team
    • Finance and Planning Revenue Team