Guide to the Good 

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Guide to the Good is the social enterprise project of ~ Live Sustainably NL. It makes it easy and practical for people to choose local, social and green for their purchasing and lifestyle choices through a keyword searchable online platform. built it because local, social and green bring economic, environmental, ethical, and social benefits to our lives, our communities and our planet. We’re piloting at home, on the Northeast Avalon, and we’re proud to promote our many community-based social enterprises!

Target Population:

Anybody who is interested in or wants more information about local, social, and green in Newfoundland & Labrador. 

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • Info and access to local, social, and green companies through the keyword-searchable website Company profiles include contact information, photos, and a story about the company and what they offer to the community. Click here to search for local organizations to see what they offer. Click here to view local restaurants, food services and find ways to grow food at home. Click here to support local business’.
  • Just for nl business owners
  • Community engagement through online contest’s called Look for the Good which is open to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador age 18 and older. Players are challenged to search the company profiles on Guide to the Good to find the answers to trivia questions. This promotes information about local companies, and every month, a winner is chosen by random draw to receive a prize pack. 
  • A rotating series of blogs by leaders in the community which offer information and engagement through one-of-a-kind stories. 
  • The website contains information and resources that benefit the community, including a Zero Waste information page, a hub for local theatre, a market listing, and spiritual and wellness events in the community.