Youth Corrections, Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development, Gov. of NL

Youth Services Site
12-16 Carter’s Hill Place
St. John’s, NL
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To provide services to youth who come into conflict with the law between their 12th and 18th birthdays. The responsibility for the delivery of young offender services rests with the local Children, Seniors and Social Development offices, with the exception of Secure Custody and Remand Services, which are operated by the provincial Department of Justice and Public Safety.

Target Population:

12-18 year olds who have come into conflict with the law

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

The Youth Corrections Division administers correctional services for youth in the Province and is comprised of two branches: Youth Secure Custody and Pre-Trial Services Program.

  • Youth Corrections Social Workers and other staff perform duties such as: provide supervision to youth serving a variety of court-ordered sentences; prepare reports to assist in the decisions of the Youth Justice Court; engage in professional social work assessments, service planning, and individual, family and group counselling; and assist in program development and community mobilization.
  • Social workers generally provide supervision and supportive services to youth serving the following types of sentences: supervised probation; community service order (work for the community); personal service order (work for the victim); custody and supervision order; and deferred custody and supervision order.
  • In addition, social workers may provide preventative services to young persons who are at risk of conflict with the law, or after-care services with those who have completed youth sentences. Such services are offered on a strictly voluntary basis.