The Journey Project


Kevin O’Shea, Executive Director—PLIAN
Tel: (709) 722-4745           Email:
Nicole Kieley, Executive Director—NLSACPC
Tel: (709) 747-7757           Email:



A three-year partnership between PLIAN and NLSACPC designed to enhance supports and responses for survivors of sexual violence, particularly within the justice system.

Target population:

Survivors of sexual violence in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

  • Legal Outreach Coordinators will conduct outreach, training and engagement that is provincial in scope and survivor centered.
    • Key deliverables include developing and delivering trauma-informed training to justice system personnel, including lawyers, judges, court staff, and police officers, along with other front-line service providers.
  • An additional component will involve the implementation of a trauma-informed counseling pilot program through the NLSACPC to help meet the comprehensive needs of survivors.
  • The final component of this project involves focusing on the needs of survivors of sexual violence that are also living with a disability. Individuals living with disabilities often face an increased vulnerability to sexual violence yet face more barriers when accessing the justice system.
    • This component of the project will involve outreach to the disability community and disability serving organizations throughout the province and developing training and supports with a disability inclusion lens.