Pathways Foundation 

Tel: (709) 690-5244 
Facebook: @pathwaysfoundationnl 
Twitter: @pathwaysnl


Where harm has occurred within religious institutions, Pathways aims to promote healing and prevent harm from reoccurring. Pathways provides educational resources, confidential support networks, appropriate referrals and other direct services province-wide. 

Target Population:


Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • Peer Support: Peer support is available by appointment and can be arranged by email or phone. 
  • Referrals: Wherever possible, survivors will be provided with information on other available community supports that may meet their needs, including professional counselling and legal services. 
  • Support Groups: Support groups will meet regularly as determined by survivors. 
  • Educational Resources: Information can be sent to individuals and organizations upon request. 
  • Presentations & Training: Educational presentations and sensitivity training can be booked for public events or private groups by email or phone. 
  • Facilitation: For parties that are willing, facilitation can be arranged in a neutral space with a third-party facilitator. The survivor may be accompanied by a support person of their choosing. This process focuses on accountability, healing and closure for those involved in or affected by a traumatic event.