Mandate: Community Justice Initiatives NL (CJINL) strives to build safer, more connected communities by supporting creative, peaceful solutions in situations of conflict or harm. CJINL is an umbrella organization for a wide variety of justice initiatives that promote and practice the principles of restorative justice.

Target Population: Communities, families and individuals

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered: Three areas of focus for CJINL are Education, Services and Partnerships:

  • Education:involves promoting a broader deeper understanding of restorative justice within the organization, its partners and the wider community.
  • Services:Building the capacities of people to provide restorative justice processes. These processes could include conflict resolution coaching, facilitated dialogue circles, family group conferencing, school-based restorative justice, victim support, prison chaplaincy, and others.
  • Partnerships: involve facilitating, connecting and empowering the individuals and organizations engaged in restorative justice in NL.

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