Violence Prevention Avalon East  

Address: 20 Hallett Crescent, Suite 207, St. John’s, NL A1B 4C5 

Tel: (709) 757-0137  
Email: or 
Twitter: @VPAvalonEast
Facebook: @ViolencePreventionAvalonEast 


Violence Prevention Avalon East is an alliance of community and government agencies dedicated to ending violence; acting as an umbrella organization to provide support and enhance the violence prevention work of member agencies throughout the Avalon East region; governed by a Board of Directors. One of ten throughout the province who are working in partnership with the Provincial Government.

Target Population:

Any individual who is experiencing violence; Community members who are committed to the advocacy and awareness of violence prevention.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • Community Capacity Building: Maintains a network of community and government agencies devoted to social justice 
  • Education: It is the collective misunderstanding of violence as it relates to our everyday life that needs revision. Education will include networking, lectures, seminars, roundtable discussions, and other community activities relevant to Violence Prevention Avalon East’s mission. 
  • Outreach: Conducts workshops through the region for adults and youth on such topics as gender inequality; dating violence; elder abuse; bullying; etc. 
  • Provides Violence Awareness and Action Training, a provincial education initiative that takes an experiential interagency approach to educating governmental and non-governmental representatives on the roots of violence and the compounding vulnerabilities of victims of violence. 
  • End Violence NL Campaign: The End Violence NL (#ENDVIOLENCENL) Campaign is a social media initiative that sends the message that violence is not welcomed or accepted in communities/homes/schools/work places, etc. in Newfoundland & Labrador. 
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: In conjunction with the community and the government, Violence Prevention Avalon East advocates for effective policies that support victims of violence. They also participate in the Community Advisory Committee of the Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI), Government of NL, a conference of the Regional Coordinating Committees found throughout the province. The Committee meets regularly to discuss priorities related to violence prevention, as well as to make recommendations on behalf of the community to the VPI Deputy Ministerial Committee. 

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