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To provide a variety of residential and support services to children, youth and families. Waypoints strives to create an environment of respect and empathy that promotes and challenges individuals to achieve personal growth and the skills necessary to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Target Population:

Young people ages 8-18 who are involved with Children, Seniors and Social Development or Youth Corrections, and their families; youth ages 18-30 who face barriers to education and employment.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:



  • All residential programs provide accommodations for males and females, ages 8-18. The goal of these programs is to provide a therapeutic residential milieu to children, youth and families who are in the care of Children, Seniors, and Social Development to help foster their development into responsible productive, self-sufficient, well rounded members of society. Phase II is a program that provides adolescents with specialized treatment needs that operates from a psycho-educational model.
  • Live-In Parent Model Program(s) is a residential program for children and youth between the ages of 8-18 who are in the care of the Department of Children, Seniors, and Social Development. The program is staffed using a house parent model and is designed to provide a homelike, supportive, nurturing and therapeutic environment for children who are experiencing difficulties.

Employment and Outreach:

  • Waypoints Employment and Outreach Services provides individualized and group support services to youth, ages 18-30, who face barriers to education and employment. Outreach support seeks to connect with youth and explore new opportunities and creative ways to build healthier and more fulfilling lives.
  • Youth are Working provides exposure to life and employment related skills, practical work experience, and continuous learning opportunities. Program staff assist youth in developing their employment portfolio with the goal of preparing them for the realities of the workplace and the expectations of today’s employers.
  • Test Drive employment program helps individals with building their resume, cover letter, interview skills and learn how to conduct a job search

Family Support:

  • Youth care workers engage with families in their life space through the development of therapeutic relationships and the use of hands-on interventions and activities. A major emphasis is placed on goal setting, strength identification, the promotion of competency, and capacity building.
  • Parent Support and Education Group focuses on areas such as child development, discipline, communication and self-care

Supporting Foster Parents Program:

  • This program recognizes and respects the current skills and expertise of Foster Parents, including the PRIDE competencies. Foster Parents participate in the program voluntarily as it is designed to compliment existing skills and offer new strategies for ongoing personal and professional development.
  • This program was developed in partnership with the Newfoundland & Labrador Foster Families Association.



  • At Springwood Outdoor Discovery Camp children, youth and families will be able to experience nature, camping and wilderness activities.  This will provide children, youth and families of Waypoints who would not otherwise have the opportunity, with a unique outdoor camping experience.
  • Spending time immersed in nature, camping and undertaking outdoor adventures offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth.  At Springwood, campers will be encouraged to try new things and push their limits, all in a safe and nurturing environment. 
  • Programming for the Springwood camp will focus on child and youth development and education, and will allow campers to build life skills, leadership abilities, and confidence.
  • Some of the activities may include: swimming, fishing, hiking, camp fires, canoeing, journal writing, photography, crafts, geocaching, singing & dancing, and family days.


  • Monthly Recreational Activities
  • Therapeutic Nature Adventure Camp

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