St. John’s Status of Women’s Council / St. John’s Women’s Centre / Marguerite’s Place

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170 Cashin Ave. Ext.
St. John’s, NL A1E 3B6

Contact: Jenny Wright, Executive Director            Tel: (709) 753-0220
Email:                        Fax: (709) 753-3817


The St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre is a feminist organization that since 1972 is continually working to achieve equality and justice through political activism, community collaboration and the creation of a safe and inclusive space for all women in the St. John’s area. The work of the St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre is guided by our beliefs and commitment to:

  • Feminism – We are committed to providing accessible services to all women irrespective of race, ancestry, age, sexual orientation and inclusive of aboriginal women, women of colour, trans women, sex workers, and women with disabilities.
  • Community – We are committed to community building and community collaboration. We hold ourselves accountable to the broad community and to the women we serve.
  • Harm Reduction – Our work is focused on keeping women safe, minimizing risk and working alongside them in achieving their identified goals.
  • Trauma Informed Holistic Support and Programs – We strive to provide services that are welcoming, respectful, compassionate, supportive and appropriate to the needs of women affected by trauma.
  • Knowledge and Understanding – We are invested in building and applying our best knowledge in the service of positive change. We consider the women we serve to be the experts on their own lives and we seek understanding.
  • Nonpartisan – We are not influenced by or affiliated with a specific political party.

Target Population:

All women

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

For the past 42 years, the Women’s Centre has offered support and programs on many issues that affect women’s lives, including social isolation, mental health, violence, marginalization, poverty, housing, trauma, and system navigation.

  • All of our programs and services are women-focused and for women only and aim to provide opportunity for personal growth, empowerment, and social connection. All programs are offered free of charge.
  • For our monthly calendar of program events please visit

Current housing services include:

  • 8 new units of supportive housing for women at Marguerite’s Place. These units are open to women over the age of thirty who are not accompanied by dependents, and who are experiencing difficulty finding or maintaining housing due to circumstances in their lives or the complexity of their needs.