St. John’s Homestead Inc. – The Homestead Program 

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To empower people to live their best possible lives through modalities of Housing First and Harm Reduction while valuing and enabling Lived Expertise in all levels of programming.

Target Population:

Ages 18+.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • St. Johns Homestead Inc. is a homelessness and rooflessness addressing non-profit organization based in St. John’s, NL. The corporation has two programs that operate through a lived expertise and harm reduction lens. The Homestead Program services St. John’s and metro, while Homestead Rural is province wide. Both programs deliver low barrier, trauma informed, and self determined housing services to individuals 18+ that are experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness and/or rooflessness. St. John’s Homestead Inc. aims to bridge the divide between marginalized populations and dignified, safe, stable housing options.   
  • Referrals are accepted through the NLHC Emergency Housing Program. 
  • Our Guiding Principles
    • End homelessness through a community approach 
    • Advocate for every person’s right to a safe home 
    • Create a space that promotes inclusivity and dignity 
    • Operate from a place of unconditional compassion and respect 
    • Prioritize everyone’s expertise in their own lives 
    • Value and incorporate lived experience at all organizational levels 
    • Bridge gaps in services