74 O’Leary Avenue, P.O. Box 8414, St. John’s, NL, A1B 3N7

Tel: (709) 722-0790                        Fax: (709) 722-1325                  Email:       Instagram: @nlcommunityliving     Facebook: @NLACL            Twitter: @NLACL


Mandate: To work with and on behalf of individuals with an intellectual disability and their families. To advocate for individuals to live as full participants in the community based on the values of Equality, Inclusion and Independence.

Target Population: Persons with intellectual disabilities, their families, and communities

Highlights of programs / Services offered:

  • Provide support to individuals, families and local associations re. housing and community inclusion
  • Work with government and service agencies to build supportive communities
  • Lobby for changes in social policy, programs and laws
  • Facilitate research, training and planning
  • Serve as a centre for gathering and distribution of information
  • The maintenance of a resource centre containing literature and videos on numerous topics.
  • Provincial Incentive Program – This program promotes the uptake of the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) throughout the province by providing eligible individuals with an opportunity to participate in RDSP information sessions, as well as receiving a one-time $150 stipend from the NLACL as an extra incentive to set up a RDSP. Access the form from our website
  • SET Mentoring – Helping students with Intellectual Disabilities transition from high school
  • Ready, Willing, and Able – Working with employers to encourage inclusive hiring practices
  • Changing Lives, Changing Communities – A community engagement program
  • Transitions – Working with individuals with a disability to discover their path to full community inclusion.

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