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58 Smallwood Dr., Mount Pearl, NL A1N 1B1

Brittany Rowsell,                  Tel: (709) 325-4040

Coordinator:                          Email:

Amy Tulk:                            Tel: (709) 330-7070

Director of Operations:        Email:

Maureen Lymburner:          Tel: (709) 325-0072

Director of Development     Email:

Website:               Twitter: @HomeAgainFB

Facebook: @HomeAgainFurnitureBank

Mandate: Home Again Furniture Bank is a nonprofit organization that aims to end furniture poverty on the Northeast Avalon.

Target Population: For those in transition from situations of abuse, homelessness, prison, war, the un- and under-employed and those with disabilities.

Highlight of Programs/ Services Offered:

  • Folks looking to avail of Home Again’s services MUST be referred through a community partner. The full list of community partners can be found here.
  • Deliver gently-used furniture and housewares to individuals and families in need, at absolutely no cost, so they are able to build a home.
  • Furniture donations accepted from households and businesses. Details available on website: