City of St. John’s Housing Division 

Address: City Hall Annex, 1st Floor, PO Box 908, St. John’s, NL A1C 5M2 

Tel: (709) 576-8196        
Fax: (709) 576-8078      


To provide adequate and affordable housing to residents of St. John’s and surrounding areas.

Target Population:

Low to moderate income earners, whether they be single, families, or seniors.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • Lower End of Market Housing (LEMS): Tenants in this type of housing pay the lower end of market rent as determined annually by Newfoundland Labrador Housing, or 25% of their net income whichever is greater. 
  • 30 Hamilton Avenue 
  • 179-229 Forest Road 
  • Rawlin’s Cross 
  • Fahey’s Row 
  • 66-92 Alexander Street/131-153 Hamilton Avenue 
  • 2-16 Carnell Street/2-32 Larkin’s Square 
  • 65-79 Carter’s Hill/12-34 Goodview Street 
  • 1-29 Sebastian Court 
  • 15-39 Cuckhold’s Cove Road 
  • Rent Geared to Income (RGI): The RGI units are targeted specifically at individuals and families of low income. Rents in these units are based strictly on 25 per cent of net monthly income. Heat is included in the rent and there is a small surcharge for lights. 
    • 151-141 Hamlyn Road 
    • 1-19 Rockcrest Court 
    • 1-15 Bastow Court/1-11 Mifflin Court 
    • 49-51 Cochrane Street 
    • 174 Campbell Avenue 
  • Affordable Housing: 52 affordable one-bedroom housing units in the Pleasantville and Convent Square areas. These units are for single individuals and seniors with an income of $32,500 or less upon move in. 
  • Applications can be obtained from our website, in person at our offices in the City Hall Annex, or by calling (709) 576-8196. 

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