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The PIER Program is a service provided by the Mental Health and Addictions Program. It is a specialized mental health program focused on recognition, assessment and treatment of individuals experiencing a first episode of psychosis. It consists of an interdisciplinary team servicing these individuals and their families with clinical care, education and support.

Target Population:

Individuals 16-55 who are experiencing psychotic symptoms for the first time or being treated with an antipsychotic medication for a period not exceeding 6 months

Highlight of Programs / Services Offered:

  • Clinical Care:
    • Comprehensive psychiatric assessment, treatment and follow up
    • Case Management services which provide psychosocial interventions and education to the individuals experiencing a psychosis
    • Family assessments, biopsychosocial interventions and educational support
    • Occupational Therapy assessments and interventions including life, work, vocational and cognitive skills
    • Employment Support Specialist services
    • Neuropsychological testing services
    • Referrals can be made by anyone using the Mental Health and Addictions referral form or by telephone
    • Appointments for assessments can be obtained within 1-14 days
  • Education and Research:
    • Education about psychosis is provided to individuals and their families by various team members in individual and group sessions.
    • Information on awareness, early recognition of psychosis and program services provided to educators, health professionals and community.
    • Research efforts are aimed at enhancing knowledge about psychosis and development of improved treatments.


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