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The Period Priority Project is an advocate for period equity and thrives to make a difference with each donation so that there is one less person who has to worry accessibility, affordability and safety of menstrual products. The Period Priority Project acknowledges that period shame has negative mental health effects, disempowers people who menstruate, and causes them to feel embarrassed about a normal biological process. The Period Priority Project aims at banishing the taboo of the natural process menstruation and strongly normalize conversations about menstruation.

Period Positivity believes in:

  1. There is no shame in using one period product over another
  2. Use the term “period products” instead of “feminine hygiene products”.
  3. Use the term “people who menstruate” instead of instead of girls/women because not all cisgender women menstruate and not all those who menstruate are cisgender women. Non-binary, intersex, Two-Spirit and trans folks may also menstruate

Target Population:

People who menstruate

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • The Period Priority Project is currently seeking monetary donations to purchase period products in bulk to have them shipped soon. Any amount is appreciated & e-transfers can be sent to    
  • The Period Priority Project: Period Positivity aims at banishing the taboos and normalizing conversations on mensuration by encouraging open and inclusive discussions on mensuration. Check out the podcast on Spotify & Ancho FM  
    • Public Cervix Announcement” **(Coming Soon)** is a menstrual equity advocacy initiative where guests speakers will talk about periods. New episodes will be posted on Period Priority Project’s YouTube channel.   
  • Distribution of pads, tampons, liners, period underwear, menstrual cups
    Set up & refill free menstrual products stations in gender inclusive
    washrooms on campus
  • Host presentations on period poverty and period equity advocacy in
  • Menstrual Health Education Handbook PPP Menstrual Health Education
  • People who Period Initiative: aims at keeping the conversations going on periods. It’s more about what period positivity is about rather than what it is not. It’s more about sharing experiences and normalizing conversations. Check out the google form for more information People who Period Initiative
  • Petition for Menstrual Health Day Petition · MCP coverage should include period products
  • Menstrual Health is a Public Health Crisis PowerPoint Colorful Pink & Green Tropical Geometric Playful Illustration Women Period Poverty Presentation
  • Degendering Menstruation: an initiative aims to amplify the diversity of menstrual experiences. 
    • is a platform where trans, intersex, Two-Spirit, non-binary folks, contribute what changes should be implemented/ what should be different when it comes to menstrual healthcare/ ads/ education etc. Click here to participate in the initiative
  • Donations of menstrual products can be dropped off at Shelters in Newfoundland