North Star Child and Youth Advocacy Centre

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 39142, Topsail Rd, St. John’s, A1E-5Y7  

Telephone Number(s): 709-552-9195; 763-6724 
Facebook: North Star Child and Youth Advocacy Centre 
Twitter: @NorthStarCYAC  


The services North Star Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) provides are essential for the well being of children and youth who have experienced or been witnessed to abuse. North Star CYAC provides support for children/youth and their non-offending family members, right at the onset of when abuse is first suspected. Supporting in the beginning is called early intervention – it can help create the best opportunities for understanding what children and youth need to heal. Early intervention has a higher success for lowering possible adverse effects from child abuse.

Target Population:

Children and Youth and their non-offending family members

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

North Star CYAC provides a safe space for children and youth to complete their forensic interview, medical, and received advocacy and support. As well, children and youth can avail of a Navigator to help support and assist in navigating the system.  North Star can facilitate multidisciplinary team meetings (MDT) to support children and youth as they already have a lot of stress and anxiety on their shoulders from needing to come in for the forensic interview.  

North Star CYAC also helps to create a team approach to support children and youth who have been victims of violence or abuse. We work with police, child protection, health services and victim services to ensure your family gets the support needed. A collaborative approach like this enhances the ability for important information to not get missed and helps us all support our clients in the best way possible. North Star provides the important and on-going support, programs, advocacy and/or counselling needs for the children, youth, and their families. With the support of a navigator, children and youth are assisted in navigating the system; something that many families need. North Star CYAC is proud to be a safe place for children, youth, and their support systems! 

(Requests for services come directly from CSSD and/or police services at this time)