CONNECT: Intensive Support and Resource Coordination for Youth Program – Eastern Health


Building 532, Pleasantville
80 Charter Avenue
St. John’s, NL A1B 4A4


Resource Coordinator Tel: (709) 777-2148
Secretary Tel: (709) 752-3914
Fax: (709) 752-6863
Contact: Jaime Lundrigan


To provide a safe, structured environment to address each young person’s individual needs. This program is offered by a team of Mental Health and Addictions staff with Eastern Health. It seeks to complement services that are already in place, fill identified gaps in service and help with transitions for youth with complex service needs, as well as facilitating referrals to residential mental health treatment when required.

Target Population:

Youth ages 12-18 who are experiencing complex mental health issues and who require the support of a residential setting to meet their needs.

Highlight of Programs / Services:

  • The team is comprised of a Youth Corrections Mental Health Coordinator, two Mental Health Resource Coordinators, and two Child and Youth Care Counselors.
    • The Youth Corrections Mental Health Coordinator position is provincial in scope and provides services to the broader youth corrections population with an emphasis on violent offenders with mental health needs.
    • The other Mental Health Coordinators provide services within the Eastern Health Region of the Province.
    • The Child and Youth Care Counselors provide a unique service within Eastern Health as they work directly with youth and their families, to build strong, healthy relationships and assist with skill development through the use of daily life events.
  • This team works together to provide a variety of services, including:
    • Consultation
    • Resource / Service Coordination
    • Assisting with transitioning (e.g. custody, residential treatment, acute hospitalization, etc.)
    • Intensive Case Management
    • Clinical social work and child and youth care interventions
    • Advocacy
    • Community Capacity Building
    • Case management
    • Substance use counselling
  • CONNECT encourages referrals from service providers via the MHA referral form, and strives to help other service providers identify resources and services that may meet the needs of the youth they are working with.
    • Referrals to the CONNECT team can be made by completing the appropriate form, which can be found here, and faxing it to (709) 752-6863 or emailing it to
    • For additional information, call (709) 777-2148.
  • The Tuckamore Centre is also linked to this service area. It provides a residential, home-like environment to youth ages 12-18 who are experiencing complex mental health issues.