Community Supports Program (CSP) – Eastern Health 

CSP Intake Tel: (709) 752-4835 or Email: 
Adult Disabilities and Adults who May Need Protection: 709-752-4717 
Seniors: 709-752-4835 
Children with Disabilities (Special Child Welfare Allowance): 709-752-4368 
Autism Services: 709-752-4319 
Adult Protection Act Reports: 855-376-4957 (toll-free) 


To support individuals, families and care providers by promoting independence, community inclusion, safety and overall well-being.

Target Population:

Individuals 18 years of age and older with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, individuals requiring protection under the Adult Protection Act, families of children under school age who have delayed development, and youth under 18 requiring Special Child Welfare Allowance. 

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

Referrals to the CSP can be made by the individual or their family, as well as a health care professional. The professional CSP team will determine eligibility for service. Services provided under the CSP include: 

  • Financial Assessment Services: Individuals wishing to avail of home supports and other benefits, with the exception of Autism Services, are subject to a financial assessment. 
  • Home Support Program: Includes the approval and registration of Home Support Agencies.
    • The Home Support Program provides services to eligible individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living in order to remain in their home. 
  • Intervention Services: Provides behavioral and skill teaching interventions to individuals and their families.
    • Community Behavioral Support Program 
    • Direct Home Services. 
    • Direct Home Services – Intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis. 
  • Residential Services Programs: Includes the approval and registration of Alternate Family Care Homes.
    • Adult individuals who choose not to reside in their own home or reside with family, may be assessed for some of the other following residential options.
      • Board and Lodging Non-Relatives 
      • Alternate Family Care 
      • Individual Living Arrangements 
      • Co-operative Living Program 
  • Special Assistance Program (SAP): Provides basic medical supplies and equipment to assist with activities of daily living for individuals living in the community. 
  • Special Child Welfare Allowance (SCWA): Assists families with the cost of services and supports incurred in the at-home care of children under 18 years with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. 
  • Supports for Adults Who May Need Protection: Provides legislative authority to deliver services to any adult in NL, regardless of residence, who may be in need of protective intervention 

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