Empower, The Disability Resource Centre 

Address: 4 Escasoni Place, St. John’s, NL A1A 3R6 

Tel: (709) 722-4031
Toll Free: 1-866-722-4031
Website: www.empowernl.ca 
Instagram: @empowernl1
Facebook: Empower, the Disability Resource Centre 
Fax: (709) 722-0147
Email: info@empowernl.ca 
TTY: (709) 772-7998
Twitter: @empowernl1


To provide support, resources and opportunities for empowerment, which enable persons with disabilities to make informed choices about their lives. 

Target Population:

People of all ages who have any type/combination of disabilities.

Highlights of Programs/Services Offered:

  • Advocacy Services: Empowering the consumer to do their own advocacy, we help people build their own skills and determine their own approach to solve the problems they face. 
  • Build Community Inclusion NL (BCINL): Provides disability education and support to individuals and organizations at the community level. This program aims at helping create solutions for barrier-free community environments and events by working with all community members (including individuals, other organizations and local government)
  • Employer Supports and Services: Providing services, supports, and education to business, employers, government, and service providers, this program aims to showcase the value of hiring people with disabilities as a viable labour source. 
  • Career Services: Offering help in a variety of ways as requested by the individual. 
  • Member Services: Allows those with disabilities to access help within their own communities while providing an opportunity for them to provide the same services to others. Offers information sessions, workshops and connects individuals with other programs or activities of interest in the community at large.
  • Peer Support: A number of groups provide opportunities to share and learn with those who have personally experienced a similar issue.
  • Independent Living Skills: The IL Skills Development Pillar assists individuals to advocate on their own behalf, supports their choices, respects their decisions, and affords individuals opportunities to take risks.
  • Technology Services:Providing the tools and knowledge needed to access the internet and computers in general.
  • Alternative Formats : Providing alternative format materials allows all persons, access to the information they need. alternative formats, such as electronic (PDF & Word), PowerPoint Presentation, Braille, audio, and large print versions. Please contact us to get an quote at
  • Digital Resources Room: EmpowerNL provides free access to computers with assistive  technology.
  • Volunteer Services:Volunteers play an important role in ensuring programs and services are offered and the needs of those who use them are met. Click here for the Volunteer FAQ page. 

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