Week of Recognition: Stop Sexual Exploitation in Newfoundland and Labrador May 6-10, 2024 Thank you to everyone who attended our official provincial proclamation to start C.A.S.E.Y week.

Thank you to Geraldine Ankrah from the ANC SEA project for your opening remarks and to Pam Parsons, the Minister Responsible for Women and Gender Equality, who delivered the proclamation. Thank you for your continuous support on these issues affecting Newfoundland and Labrador youth.

The Coalition Against the Sexual Exploitation of Youth (C.A.S.E.Y) is dedicated to empowering communities, building supportive networks, and fostering a province where individuals of all ages can thrive, untouched by sexual exploitation. It’s imperative to raise public awareness about this pressing issue as sexual exploitation continues in communities across our province.

Exploiting children, youth, and adults through prostitution and pornography in exchange for drugs, alcohol, or other necessities is a form of sexual abuse that cannot be tolerated. It’s a severe offence under the Criminal Code of Canada to engage in any activity related to the sexual exploitation of minors.

Let us come together to educate, advocate, and protect. We can create a safer, more compassionate Newfoundland and Labrador for everyone.

What is Youth Sexual Exploitation?

Learn more about C.A.S.E.Y here: www.thrivecyn.ca/what-do-we-do/coalition-against-the-sexual-exploitation-of-youth-casey