We are excited to unveil Thrive’s 2025 “Kim Thistle’s Women of Strength” Calendar Fundraising Project. This calendar celebrates the resilience, empowerment, and strength embodied by phenomenal women.


PayPal Donation Tiers: 

  • $20 Donation – 1 Calendar
  • $40 Donation – 2 Calendars
  • $60 Donation – 3 Calendars
  • Other Amount – 3 or more Calendars (based on your donation amount)

We also accept e-transfers, which can be emailed to Finance@ThriveCYN.ca; please make sure to note that the e-transfer is for the calendar fundraiser.

  • You’ll receive an email to choose pickup or provide a mailing address for the delivery of the calendar.
  • With a $20 donation, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the calendar. (Please note that charitable receipts are not provided for donations of $20 and under.)

Huge thanks to the incredible photographer Geoff Smith for capturing the essence of each inspiring woman featured in this calendar, and a heartfelt shoutout to Kim Thistle and all the amazing individuals who contributed to making this project a reality! Thank you to the Crosbie Group for their generous sponsorship and support.

This calendar is more than just a beautiful piece of art. You’re also contributing to Thrive’s mission. Your support helps us empower vulnerable individuals and strengthen social service agencies. Join us in making a difference today.

The idea for this calendar came about when my friend Kim Thistle asked me to photograph her in a natural setting without hiding her mastectomy scar. This was a way for Kim to mark her triumph over breast cancer, and it was also part of her healing process. We were both so happy with the resulting powerful images that we wondered if there was a way to use them to help generate funding for a worthy cause. We decided to ask some of the strongest women we know to pose in outdoor settings, doing what they love to do, for a calendar project to raise money for Thrive. This organization provides, among many other things, assistance to women in need. Anyone who donates a minimum of $20 to this campaign will receive a copy of this beautiful calendar. Thanks to all the women who gave their time and effort to pose for these photographs and to all who generously donated. All proceeds go directly to Thrive. 

Geoff Smith
Author, Musician, & Photographer

Please feel free to contact Mia Thrive’s Marketing Manager if you need any further information at mpenney@thrivecyn.ca.