Thrive provides support and services to empower vulnerable individuals (ages 12 and up) who struggle with issues including education, sexual exploitation, trauma, mental health, and addictions. Thrive also provides innovative programs and collaborations (including professional development and knowledge sharing) to address critical gaps in services and expand the capacity of front-line service providers and organizations.

Our programming has been making a real difference in the community and filling gaps in service since 2001:

  • Education program fills a critical gap in service for youth who are struggling in mainstream educational services;
  • Blue Door program – designed to help individuals exit exploitive situations – is the first of its kind in the province;
  • Street Reach program has been operating since 2005 and is the only street based outreach service in our community.

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of individuals seeking outreach services. 

  • In 2018-19 fiscal year, Thrive provided a total of 9,794 services to participants through our Street Reach programming and an additional 3,476 services through our individual supports and interventions.
  • This is a 57% increase over the previous year (2017/18).

While the demand for services and number of individuals seeking support has increased, the funding provided by the government has remained the same, and it has become very difficult to maintain the level of services and meet the needs of the program. In addition to the increase in individuals accessing Street Reach services, our Blue Door and Education programs are at capacity, and both have a wait list.

Not only do our programs and services fill gaps in our community, but Thrive has become the connection point for the most vulnerable people in the city – of all ages.Our unique perspective on service exclusion means that no one is turned away from support. Increasingly, there are higher rates of participants who come to Thrive because they are experiencing service exclusion from other agencies within the city.

The 100 Business for 1000 Reasons campaign will not only help us sustain our current programs we offer, but it will also enable us to expand services to include individuals waiting for support. At Thrive, we feel it is very important to help vulnerable individuals achieve their goals, which means working with them rather than turning them away. You can support this campaign by donating $1000 through your organization, or through employee contributions.

We hope you will join us in helping vulnerable individuals reach their full potential –  by meeting them where they are; helping them get to where they want to go; and supporting them to be who they want to be.